Surviving RSI

  • take enough breaks when coding/gaming
  • set your workspace up ergonomically
  • buy proper pc equipment, regard it as a part of your job
  • listen to your body’s signals
  • speak to a doctor you trust
  • don’t even try to turn on your pc or any gaming consoles
  • Alexa, Siri.. however they might be called, they will be your best friends during times like these after setting them up
  • get some help from friends (duh)
  • the more serious you are about letting your hands heal, the faster it will go
  • you’re sad? Go jogging. Don’t want to? Stay sad then.
  • you’ll be good to go before your hands stop hurting entirely, just take it slow
  • take it slow but return to giving 100% at coding eventually, half-assing it out of fear of the illness returning won’t do you any good
  • read the Mindbody Prescription to learn how circumstance-induced depressions can create pain
  • be careful about returning to games like Smash Bros., Starcraft, etc.. Animal Crossing might be the thing to go for now
  • find people who went through the same to talk to, you’re not alone with it, here’s one:




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